Saturday, February 25, 2012

New quilting machine!

Pillowcases are done, now I have to get to the post office and send them off to Atlanta.  Aidan especially liked the Monopoly money fabric, but Grandma prefers the turtles.
This morning some friends are coming over and we are starting our guild opportunity quilt.  (When did the word "raffle" become extinct?)  We chose the fabrics a couple of weeks ago and the plan is to cut and package the pieces for other members to assemble.  The center will be a large applique and I think it is coming to me today to work on.
Yesterday my neighbor and I attended a large sewing expo.  It was incredibly crowded but we did manage to boost the local economy.  My purchase was a quilting machine!  I can't wait to pick it up on Monday and begin to learn how to use it.  It isn't a longarm because I dont have space for one.  It sits on its own table and has a hoop that you use to move the fabric under it.  I really hope that it helps to improve my quilting stitches.  I probably will need lots of practice.

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