Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Two corners are done!

Such a busy week as we prepare to head south for the winter.  I had hoped to finish quilting a small panel wallhanging, but I doubt that will happen.  We are ready to start packing the van, and the sewing machines go in first!  But I have a few hours to myself this morning, so maybe........................  if only I could get off this computer, lol.  WOW Wednesdays take up a bit of time, I love reading every single blog! 

Here is a pic of my Hearts Desire, with two of the border corners finally finished.  I have put it aside for this week, as it will be my handwork to do on the trip.  The original plan had been to start my Cherry Thieves table runner, but that just hasn't happened yet.  Maybe it will become my project for the trip back here next June.

So we will be off on Saturday morning on a two week trip to Florida, with lots of stops along the way.  I doubt that I will post next week, but I will be sure to catch up on everyone's work when we are settled back in Florida.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Border almost done!

Here is my version of the border for Hearts Desire.  I did not have enough of any of my fabrics to do the border as Esther had planned it, so I had to improvise.  Using the black fabric really sets off the quilt, although it is not something I would have chosen to do if I had the extra fabric.  I have one corner basket  completed, still doing the prep for pieces for the other 3 corners.  This is really been a fun project!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Embroidery on first blcok

Thought I would show off my first block.  I really like this font, but I tried at least 10 of them before I found it.

WOW! is it really Wednesday again?

Time is just flying by.  Our social life is busy, gets this way every year when friends realize we are heading south again.  We leave here on Sept 3rd so I need to prepare some hand work for the trip.  If time gets away from me, I may just leave the rest of the  borders on Hearts Desire and work on it while we travel.

Off to the quilt shop yesterday to get my fabric for Peaceful Pathways.  I don't have a really large stash, and certainly not enough yardage for such a large quilt.  Spent an hour in the shop, hemming and hawing about color choices.  Ended up with red/white anyway!  My white is a soft ivory with teeny tiny red dots in it.  I fell in love with it!

French braid quilt top is completed, but the quilting will have to wait until we are back in Florida.  I will work on the Pathways project so I don't fall behind with it.  Embroidery unit is on the machine, so I am off to start on it, 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August 10

First picture of my French braid quilt.  Background is black and white, the double chain is bright greens and reds.  It is going together very quickly, all panels are completed, and the sashing is done as well.  Went to the quilt shop late yesterday to get red fabric for borders and outline sashing.  Asked for 2 1/2 yards.....  got home, laid it out on the cutting table and realized the saleslady had cut just 2 yards!  So now, I am off to another quilt shop, hoping to find the fabric I need and not have to drive quite as far as the first shop.  So I am happy to see that Esther's next BOM uses red fabric!  Hoping I have enough for it. 

Friday, August 5, 2011

Silent Auction Quilt is finished too!

Here it is, I have really had a productive day!  I am happy with the way it turned out even though it was really a simple project.  The embroidery was time-consuming and I decided against the pieced border that I had planned as it took away from the embroidery.

Friday, August 5

Here is the label for my NY Beauty.  It is finally finshed!  Just need to do a quick check of threads on the back and then file it away in the pile of stuff to go back to Florida next month.  I am going to work on that silent auction quilt next and then hopefully be able to start to cut for my French Braid quilt, which is part of my graduation quilt series.  I have been wanting to do a French Braid for a long time, and picked up the fabric in Lancaster PA in May.  Progress continues on my Hearts Desire, working on the final border now and planning to cut the corners out this weekend too. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August 3

Didn't get to participate in WOW Wednesday this week.  We made a day trip into Seattle, had a great lunch, did lots and lots of walking up and down hills.  Weather is spectacular this week, so we took advantage of that.
My Hearts Desire is coming along, just started the 4th border last night.  Of course, my borders aren't as extensive as Esther's, I have run out of my focal fabric, so I am kind of winging it from here, trying to decide how to finish up the borders. 
NY Beauty has the binding on it, and I am working on stitching the back down by hand.  I have tried so many times to do the binding by machine but have never been satisfied with the results.
And yesterday, I finally started work on a small quilt for my quilt guilds silent auction at our quilt show in October.  My quilts have made the highest amount of money for the past 3 years, so I have a reputation to preserve.  LOL.  I will work more on it tomorrow and Friday and will post pics as soon as I can.