Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It has been a busy week here, lots of socializing with friends.  Unfortunately, socializing around here always includes EATING!  So some serious dieting over the next few days!

I have posted a picture of an embroidery that I finished yesterday.  Not the best picture because I couldn't figure out a way to cut the glare from the flash.  Our backyard is a wildlife refuge and we have many of these blue herons, one in particular likes to sit on the roof of our screen enclosure.  We have tried to discourage this!  A couple of years back, I found a scarecrow and John placed it where the heron likes to sit, thinking it would keep him away.  The bird thought we had found him a friend, and flew in to sit beside the scarecrow!  When I found this embroidery design, I thought it would look nice on the wall in John's den  He returns from his extended visit to Tacoma on Friday, so I will let him decide where he wants to hang it.

I haven't done much machine embroidery in the past few months but I plan to do quite a bit of it for the holidays this year.  It is time consuming, this piece has 200,000 stitches and took about 22 hours to stitch out, with 43 stops for color changes.  I am lucky to have two machines sitting side by side so I can continue to sew while one machine stitches.  I found this frame at a great sale so I will head back this morning to pick up a couple of more.  We have lots of wall space to fill.

I have been having intermittent computer problems this week and have so far been unable to download Esther's new BOM.  John is my computer guru, so I am waiting his return to clean up my computer and get it back on track.

Have a great week! 


  1. Love your picture You have done a wonderful job on it.!!

  2. That is a gorgeous stitch out, I have drooled over Emblibrary's wildlife designs since they were introduced. Love it.