Thursday, May 16, 2013

This kind of sums up my week....................a day late to link up with Esther's blog, so I will have to wait until next week.  I really meant to post yesterday but an early morning visit to the dentist messed up my plans. 

It has been a productive week around here despite a few setbacks.  I put the last stitch into the binding of my Forget Me Not quilt, but it is still waiting for a label.  I did however make a label for my grandson's graduation quilt.
And here is a picture of the completed Hollow Cubes quilt!  I really hope he likes it.
A couple of months ago my local guild had a mini retreat.  We did Stack n Whack, which I had never done before.  I managed to keep the project small and completed it just today.
Here is a picture of the original fabric.  I knew when I first saw it that it would work really well for the stack and whack project, but unfortunately it matches nothing in my house!  Maybe I will put it on Ebay.  Not sure I would do another stack and whack, but I really did enjoy this retreat.
And more picture of Forget Me Not.  I must ask Esther's permission to display it in our local quilt show in October. 
And now, I am waiting for Esther's newest BOM to be announced.  Meanwhile, I am working on a simple scrap quilt (well, actually 2 of them) which will become graduation presents for Allora in 2014 and Ireland in 2015!  The good news is that these 2 quilts will make a dent in my stash!
So that has been my quilting week.  We are enduring the sadness of my daughter having a miscarriage last week.  She is improving both emotionally and physically each day, and for that we are extremely grateful. 
I hope you all have a happy and productive week!  Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.


  1. So sorry to hear of your daughters miscarriage best wishes to her in her recovery.

    On a happier not I love your quilts!! If you decide to sell your material let me know I would love to buy it from you!! would make a wonderful back on a quilt.

  2. So sorry to hear your daughter miscarried. Sending strong healing vibes her way.

    Love both quilts. Your Forget Me Not is beautiful! Congratulations for getting it finished.

  3. Oh Pat how sad for you and your daughter, it does take time for a loss like that.
    Your cubes are amazing love those quilts and WOW on your FMN it is gorgeous.

  4. Beautiful job on the Forget me not.I need to get busy on mine.They are so pretty and you have a beautiful quilt to enjoy lovely creation to be proud of for sure.!!!!I love applique.I really like your hollow cube a also very nicely done.!!!!I love your color combination is definetly a winner. Thanks for sharing your beautiful quilts.I joined your blog so I can keep track of your quilts ....Debbie Kelly

  5. Pat I just had to come back for a 3rd time to this link so many beautiful quilts here and it was sad to read about your DD. I'm glad you have your quilting to keep you busy. Your Hollow cubes has blown me away!!!!! SO so many hours there your fabrics are beautiful. Your FMN quilt looks stunning; wonderful quilting work done there too. Hugs Glenda

  6. Pat, sorry to read about your DD's miscarriage but glad she is gradually feeling better.
    What beautiful quilts, the hollow cubes is fantastic and I love the stack and whack fabric and the gorgeous result, b your FMN is a WOW I love it to bits.
    Cheers Jenny

  7. Pat, sorry to hear about your DD. Had 2 myself but then went on to have 3 lovely babies. Your FMN is gorgeous!