Sunday, May 26, 2013

I had a fun afternoon yesterday creating this bag and cosmetic case.  It's not the kind of thing that I usually do but I had seen a kit in the Connecting Threads catalog and it was really quite inexpensive.  And my other bags have seen better days!  It is a nice deep bag, 16 inches, so I think it will be quite useful when we travel. 

We have a lot of traveling coming up soon.  I really need to start packing my sewing stuff.  We move two sewing /embroidery machines, plus all of my supplies.  I have lots of summer projects planned.

But first, the traveling.  We leave here on June 4th, headed to New York.  We leave there on the 11th, heading to Tacoma.  That is about a 7 day trip, providing we don't hit bad weather.  Two years ago, we were skirting tornadoes thru most of the mid-west and were slowed down considerably by them.  So we hope to arrive on the west coast by the 18th.  Then on the 23rd, we head out of Seattle for a 7 day cruise to Alaska.  There are some wonderful quilt shops in Alaska!  Back to Tacoma on the 30th to spend July and August there.  Then a long road trip thru California, with lots of sight-seeing there, on our way back to Florida, somewhere around September 1st.

Have a great week!  I am off to my EQStitch to work on a quilt design. 


  1. Beautiful bag. I hope you have a wonderful trip. I do hope you miss bad weather on your journey. Enjoy and will be thinking of you. I love NY as I used to live in that amazing city. Hugs Bunny

  2. Love the bag Pat, it will be perfect for all the things that don't fit in to the other bags at the last moment LOL. Thats a lot of travelling you are about to do, rather you than me, but I would love to read your travel blog as you go??????? I travelled with hubby to so many countries over 50 years and now just like to stay put unless it is to see one of the boys!!!!!!!! Travel safe. Glenda

  3. Your bags look real good! I never seem to be able to make them they just don't work out right for me!! Love the material!!