Tuesday, September 11, 2012

UFO almost done!
This year I made a New Years resolution to work on a few UFOs.  I've never been good at keeping those resolutions however, but I do continue to make them yearly.  The ones about losing 10 pounds and starting a regular exercise program are the first to fail!  It may have taken me until September, but here is an almost completed UFO!  All it needs is the binding.......however, after 3 years, I can't be sure where that binding is.  I may take the easy way out and bind it in solid black, so it really is complete before I need to make resolutions for 2013.
This quilt is hand pieced, the star was mostly pieced while we were traveling cross country.  The original pattern called for hand embroidery in the squares, but I am more of a fan of machine embroidery these days.  The quilting in the star is blanket stitched by machine and the stippling in the squares was done on my Handi Quilter.  The border quilting is a teardrop design, but impossible to photograph black thread on black background.  The backing is black as well. 
The embroidered design in the center of the star wasn't a planned part of the project.  After assembling the star, I found a row that was crooked...... that is primarily the reason for it becoming a UFO.  When I decided this week to finish it, I figured I would cover up the offending seam with another design.  It works for me!
I am off to cut some new binding for it!  I hope you all have a great week!


  1. what a beautiful quilt!! I looks really pretty. sometimes the things that take us the longest come out the best!!

  2. Pat -- this quilt is beautiful! Love the piecing and the blocks. Lovely colors as well. thanks for sharing.


  3. Well it is beautiful nd now you can call it "A Happy Accident"

  4. Wowwww that is one stunning quilt Pat, so glad you managed to finish it, around 2060 it is going to be some ones prized quilt from the 2012's and people will still be Ohing and Ahing over it. So different and such and eye catch. Love it. Cheers Glenda

  5. Beautiful quilt!!!Lovely colors as well.