Friday, December 30, 2011

Home from Atlanta, but still holiday busy!  Here I am running two full days behind on WOW.  I thought I would share a pic of our Christmas tree this week, since I have spent absolutely NO time on sewing.  On the right hand side, toward to back of the pic, you can see the entrance to my sewing room.  Across the back of that room, I have a triple sliding door.  Lots of wonderful light in there!  Someday, when I clean up the sewing room, I will share more pics of it.  I am really spoiled!
I am thinking about some New Years resolutions..... the usual " I want to lose 10 pounds" of course, but then I am resolving that I simply must finish a bunch of UFOs.  I have at least 3 large quilt tops that are screaming to be basted and quilted.  Actually, I am afraid to check the closet to count them, because there are probably  more than 3!
So, I resolve to start only ONE project until I have caught up with these orphan quilts, and that project will be Esther's new mystery BOM, which is scheduled to start on February 15.  I know it is applique, and I love hand applique, so it should slow me down enough to get my act together!  I will still do the samples for our quilt shop too.  I am about half quilted on the one I am currently working on and will post a picture of it in a couple of days.  I do have today and tomorrow to spend on that project so I hope to accomplish a lot.  We leave on the 8th for a 7 day cruise, and I really hope to be able to finish it, bind it, and deliver it to the shop by the 7th.
Off to work on that project.  I wish everyone a very Happy and healthy New Year!

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  1. G'day Pat and Family,
    'beaut house, wish I had all that light!
    Happy New Year!
    God Bless,