Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hearts Desire

Here it is, the final picture of my completed Hearts Desire.  Not sure what I plan to do with it, so I will store it for now.  I plan to take it to my next guild meeting in mid-January for show and tell. 
I am up to date with my progress on Peaceful Pathways, waiting for the next installment.  I just purchased some quilting designs for my EQ7 software and I am planning to use it for quilting on it. 
I am still obsessed with learning EQ7.  Sometimes I get so frustrated that I need to walk away from it for a while, but I sure am learning a lot about it. 
Todays project is working on preparing some applique pieces for a hand applique that I have started.  This isn't my favorite thing to do, but it is a necessary part of the hand applique that I love to do. 
I still need to spend a couple of days doing some Christmas shopping....maybe tomorrow. 


  1. Absolutely beautiful. A real show stopper.

  2. Fantastic - Wonderful to see another HD finished!

  3. Fantastic work Pat, your black and red broader is stunning, plus those wee sentries leaves and red cherries on the black stand out beautifully. Cheers Glenda

  4. Hi Pat,
    Absolutely breathtaking! Superb! I love this quilt and you have made it all your own. Great colours.

    I too, struggle with EQ7 and have done for some time. The biggest issue I have with it is designing borders as I feel this area is a bit limited if you want to insert applique into the border but mostly I have trouble with drawing my intricate applique. There are no teachers around my way so it is doubly stressful! I wish it was as easy as it looks. It is a real 'issue' of mine! I even offered to pay anyone who could draw up my EQ7 applique and no one could. So I don't know what to do! Keep on hand drawing...

  5. Pat it is stunning,The black border sets it off to perfection, Just wish i could quilt like you,
    Cheers Jenny. One of my first posta hope it is successful

  6. Way to go!! It's beautiful. I like the black and red together. Very nice.

  7. It's so beautiful! Congrats! Thank's for your Welcome to the Group! A hug!

  8. Bravo!!! I am so impressed with your finish. Maybe someday I'll finish someone else's pattern the way they intended. Hope you enjoy every minute of that gorgeous quilt.