Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WOW! is it really Wednesday again?

Time is just flying by.  Our social life is busy, gets this way every year when friends realize we are heading south again.  We leave here on Sept 3rd so I need to prepare some hand work for the trip.  If time gets away from me, I may just leave the rest of the  borders on Hearts Desire and work on it while we travel.

Off to the quilt shop yesterday to get my fabric for Peaceful Pathways.  I don't have a really large stash, and certainly not enough yardage for such a large quilt.  Spent an hour in the shop, hemming and hawing about color choices.  Ended up with red/white anyway!  My white is a soft ivory with teeny tiny red dots in it.  I fell in love with it!

French braid quilt top is completed, but the quilting will have to wait until we are back in Florida.  I will work on the Pathways project so I don't fall behind with it.  Embroidery unit is on the machine, so I am off to start on it, 


  1. Love your quilt. I haven't gotten any fabric for Peaceful Pathways yet, but am anxious to go shopping. : )

  2. I cannot believe that you have completed your braided quilt all ready???????????? & a Peaceful Pathway block as well???????? Both look lovely. Then you only spent an hour in the fabric shop!!!!!! Cheers Glenda

  3. Beautiful quilt top! And I'm also amazed that you got it done so quickly.

  4. The red sashing really sets off the french braids. This is a beautiful quilt.