Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Finally have finished the first block of Forget Me Not.  I am working on block 2, just about finished with that one too. 

We have had a busy week here, beginning to get ready for summer trips.  John is heading to Washington State on the 19th and I am heading to New York at the end of the month.  This morning we worked in the yard for quite a while, putting down new mulch and cutting back the hisbiscus bushes that are having a very good year.  We had to cut off many buds, but we couldn't let them continue to grow or they would be totally out of control by the time we return from our travels.

I was able to complete the French Braid quilt and it is ready to travel to New York with me.  Most of my work this week has been hand work. 

 I have one UFO left to complete this year, a hand applique queen size that has been waiting for quilting for quite some time now, at least 2 years.  I hope to be able to quilt it sometime this summer.   I am loving quilting on my Sweet Sixteen!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


  1. Hi Pat your Peony-rose block look lovelyyyyyyyyyyy. Wonderful fabrics you have used for the leaves and the flower, looking forward to seeing on our group photo album!!!!! I have just about finished my Cosmos block, about 2 hrs of blanket stitching to go. I had a good laugh at my self just now; I went looking for your sweet Sixteen quilt????? then when I could not find it but saw your new quilting machine it clicked?????? Cheers Glenda

  2. Hi Pat, this looks amazing!!! I am so taken with the leaves, obviously the peonies are beautiful too, but the leaves really stand out for me.

  3. Love your block it is beautiful. Have fun in NY I love NY lived there for 15 years, a long time ago.

  4. Beautiful work, Pat! I cannot wait to see your next block.
    Like Esther, I especially love the way you did the leaves.