Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Day Late

This just sums up my life this week.  I am trying to play catch up, but seem to keep falling even farther behind.
I continue to plug along with my quilting on Peaceful Pathways, I should finish the next to last border this afternoon.  The final HST border should be easy and maybe done by next week.  Then on to the binding, and I am done.  My plan is to give it to my older son and his wife when they celebrate their 25th anniversary, two years from now. 
Progress on my first block in the Forget Me Not quilt has also been very slow.  I didn't like the greens that I was using so I scrapped the first block and started over again, using some yellow-greens instead of the original blue-greens.  I am much happier with it but I only have the stems done and one leaf so far.  I need to finish cutting the rest of the leaves and try to catch up by the 15th.  I will have quite a bit of time to do handwork starting in June, when I go to New York for an extended visit so I may have to count on getting caught up then.  My mom, who is 100, enjoys watching me stitch while I visit with her, in the nursing home.
I still need to plan my Easter dinner menu and make a shopping list..... nothing like waiting until the last minute.  This should be my last entertaining in Florida for the season.  Last weekend we hosted the neighborhood block party here at our house.  The weather did not cooperate, we had 50 mile winds and lost the tents that we had set up earlier in the day.  Then it rained......... so 47 people had to eat and visit in the house instead of outside as planned.  It went well, all things considered, lol.
I hope you all have a great week!  Keep sharing your photos of Forget Me Not.... I need the motivation!


  1. Oh Pat you are doing a wonderful job on your quilting of PP. I still have to sandwich mine and get going on it. Love your fabrics for thr forget me not blocks.
    Looking forward to seeing your Guilds blocks too.

  2. Oh gosh Pat I'm sure you had many nightmare thoughts about your evening dinner during the day, but your visitors I'm sure had as much fun inside, they would of all been laughing about such events that happened to themselves in the past. Glad at least you were still able to meet up. I'm much further behind than you on my PP But still enjoying every stitch I make. Cheers Glenda