Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Block 4 Hearts Desire

Brand new today at blogging.  I really hope I am doing it right, but I want so much to participate in Esther Aliu's WOW Wednesday.  Here is the 4th of my block 4.  I am loving doing all this hand applique.  If you can make out the fussy cut fabric in the small corner circle, that was my focal fabric.  My intention was to use that in my borders, but I am really short of fabric, and an extensive internet search has not helped me to find more.  I am also short on my background fabric, which has a tiny black design in it, so yesterday I went to the quilt shop and found a similar fabric that I think will work well on the borders.  And while I can't do Esther's border because of my lack of focal fabric, I think I can do at least one side of the scallops with what I have.  I can't wait to see the finished layout, and then I will play with the borders to make them as close to possible with Esther's.  I might also go back to block 1 and add to it, because I like the block that Esther posted by mistake.


  1. It looks great. You're farther than me. I still need to do the flowers and I will also have to buy fabric to applique for the borders. It has been a fun ride thus far.

  2. This is looking beautiful...isn't it such a satisfying applique quilt? So much applique, I think I am ready for some pieceing after this BOM!

    As for the extra crown of leaves around block one - argh! I wish I hadn't posted it as I was unable to delete it. Basically it's optional and will be offered in the final nlock this month so you don't have to improvise.

    It will be provided so any quilter who wishes to add it, can. Depending on what fabrics you selected and which quilt layout you ultimately choose, you may decide that the centre needs these leaves...or not. It's optional, but has been allowed for in the making up instructions.

  3. I really love your block 4! The colours are beautiful. I'm still strugling with mine, but seeing your block truly inspires me.
    Mac (in the Netherlands)

  4. Eu estou fazendo as flores ainda,mas adorei ver as tuas porque serve de inspiração para meu trabalho.Esta lindo.Parabens!!